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We will start off with a very short introduction to the Bible and how the Church understands it. Then we will break up in to small groups of 4-6 and each group will compile a list of things that the group members know about the bible.
We will gather back together and the group leaders will share their lists.
Some of the listed items will be discussed.
Some additional things that are important to know about the bible will be discussed.
bible is a collection not a single book
different types of writing (poetry, narrative, instruction)
symbolic language (myth)

Suggestions for getting started: Psalms, Liturgy of the Hours, read a Gospel, read a letter.

Road Map through the bible.
Using the framework in the book The Bible Blueprint we will start building some bible awareness skills.
Structure of the Bible - Hebrew Scriptures/Christian Scriptures
Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament - why is that not a good general name?)
Pentateuch (Torah) - Law

Christian Scriptures (New Testament)

After the break we will talk about the Catholic approach to reading (interpreting) the Bible.


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