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After some opening discussion we will be breaking up into small groups to read one or more of the following scripture passages and reflect on it. You may use the following questions to guide your reflection:
1. How would you characterize Jesus' teaching and practice toward the poor based on his actions and stories?
2. What challenges and threats to the Option for the Poor and Vulnerable exist in today's society?
3. How does Jesus approach to the poor and vulnerable compare with our society's?
4. What values of our society oppose the option for the poor and vulnerable.

Luke 16:19-31 (Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus)
Mark 12:2-31 (Greatest Commandment)
Matthew 25:34-40 (Parable of the Final Judgment)
Mark 10:17-22 (Rich Young Man)
Luke 4:16-19 (Mission of Jesus)
Luke 7:20-22 (Report to John the Baptist}
Luke 6:20-21, 24-25 (Luke's Beatitudes)
Luke 6:30-33, 36 (Give to everyone who asks)
Luke 12:33-34 (Sell your belongings and give alms.)
Mark 98:1-9 (Feeding the crowd)
Luke 14:12-14 (Invite the poor to the banquet.)

We will then re-gather and share our reflection with the whole group.
After a short discussion of the Church's key teachings on the option for the poor, we will again break up to reflect on any or all of these points.
  • The Church, from its earliest days made caring for the poor a priority in its teachings and actions
    The Gospels remind us there is a special presence of Christ in the poor and vulnerable. So they are a special priority for Christians
    We are one human family. We see every person as brother or sister.
    All people have basic human rights: the right to life and what is necessary for living a decent life.
    Concern for the poor is advanced by our efforts, as individuals and a community, to serve the needs of the poor and to create a more just world where there is no poverty
    The Church is at the forefront of service to the needs of the poor and the vulnerable, and of working for justice to eliminate the causes of poverty.
    We serve the poor and act for justice because of our faith in God and our respect for the dignity of the human person.
Regather and share our reflection with the whole group.
Each group will write one or two intercessions for the poor and vulnerable to be shared with the all ages closing.


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