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I was interested in knowing where we could find information regarding the other diocese in the country which have dealt with this issue?

If there are models in the mid-west that mirror this situation, how are they set up? Can we reach out and find out how they are structured and sustained?

Finally, can the PCC and PFC meet ASAP to create a proposal for operating as a catholic community under the direction of an assigned/receiving parish?

My thought is that if we looked at the potential org structure as well as the associated financial obligations, we could see IF this is really feasible?

Jeff LaPlante

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The particulars of any plan will be very dependent on who the receiving parish is. As soon as that decision is made, we will convene a transition team to work with the equivalent team in the receiving parish. I would think that a joint meeting of the PPC and PFC might be a good idea at that time as well.

Do you have any contacts up in Waterville. ME? That might be a place to start.


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At the risk of being labelled the prophet of doom here, I think it is important that we all understand that this model is NOT one that our Archbishop is open to, supports, or even has on his radar screen at this point in time... If it were, I believe he would have utilized it in the Reconfiguration process, if only in a few "test cases"... If we were able to get the receiving parish/pastor "on board" with a plan, in my humble opinion, it could not be sustained without archdiocesan support .

Personally I think it could be a very successful model for the Church of Boston, and there is documentation to support it's success in other parts of the country. If we were to gain the support of the archdiocese I would be the first one in line to help to make it work.

However the realist in me (and some may say "cynic") says it will not happen, and cannot happen without the support of the archdiocesan leadership to at least allow us to be the first "test case"... I hate to see us waste the remaining precious time and energy that we do have on something that in my opinion offers us little hope for success.

This is one of those times that I would be thrilled to be proven wrong! :D Nancy

Nancy Dome
Director of Religious Education
St Isidore Parish Stow MA
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So I went and read about the Waterville ME situation. It's better than I thought and it was the pastors and members of the three churches that initiated the idea and presented it to the Bishop. The difference here is that we are a small parish being integrated into a larger one - they had three similar size parishes that merged. The link to Waterville is : ... ssions.htm

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Correct. Waterville's situation is different, but their proposal to merge made them think about how they might be organized and meet the needs of the community. That is what I thought we could do as a group in preparation for the eventual receiving parish decision.

I liked the way they organized the merged parish...the commissions they put together to oversee the operation of the churches.

Fr. Plourde, first pastor of the new Parish of the Holy Spirit, was our deacon, head of youth ministry and eventually the priest who married me and my wife. I've put a call to him this week and I've put in a call to Fr. Tracy to ask for guidance and find out they financially support the different church facitilies under one parish governing structure.

I understand that folks want to wait and see who it is we merge with and then meet with the pastor to discuss. This means we won't spend hours discussion a situation that might be different depending on who the receiving parish will be. However, I think many of the things we would propose would be the same despite which parish we become part of.

I guess I'm missing something...other than I realize that we would be spending at least 3-4 hours in a meeting planning how we could sustain a catholic community in Stow. I think it would help us prepare for how we might negotiate with the pastor, state our case with conviction and passion, demonstrate a way for us to help the pastor with essentially a self-sustained leadership group. The money is another matter of course.

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I agree Jeff, I think it would be very good to have a combined meeting with the finance council and the pastoral council. I would rather "waste" a couple of hours than potentially miss a chance to create a single vision/purpose that would most fit the needs of the people of St. Isidore.

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I agree with Jeff as well. If the other parishes are in tough shape financially and wuth linited resources generally; I think they would appreciate a plan from us. If the plan was reasonable it could save them a lot of time. Additionally, it would show how committed we are to maintaining some distinct identity.

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If I'm not mistaken, Bishop Richard Malone was installed as the Bishop of the Diocese of Portland ME at the end of March. Bishop Malone has ties to St. Isidore (he's a friend of Father Trainor's, and has said mass here), as well as serving as the Director of the Office of Religious Ed for the Archdiocese of Boston. Could Bishop Malone's take on the success of the Waterville model (assuming he agrees it is successful, and embraces the concept) be used as "leverage" with the Archdiocese of Boston to try the model here at St. Isidore? Is there anyone in a position to "feel him out" on whether or not he would advocate the process used in Waterville before his former colleagues in the Archdiocese of Boston?

Judy Gallagher

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Hi Judy,

That's an interesting connection. I think if anybody is going to "feel him out" it should probably be somebody from the transitional team. These are the members:

From staff: Fr. Butler, Deacon Cornell, Nancy Dome, Anna Lopez, and Anne Willhite
From the pastoral council: Glenn Bunnell and Rose Colosi
From the finance council: Andrew Crosby and William Oberlies
From the parish at large: Andrew Cutting, Laureen DeBenedetto, Tim Garvin, Steve Jablon, Erin Kyzer, and Laura Orsatti

Now, I guess it's a question of who would like to do it....


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I checked with folks in Waterville as I've been making frequent trips to visit my Dad. I thought I would share some info with interested folks.

They actually are in the process of adding another parish to the Parish of the Holy Spirit to the existing 3 churches making this a 4 church parish.
The new church will mean adding an additional 1400 parishoners.
the Parish has one (1) pastor, a parochial vicar and a Deacon. Also a Jamaican priest who handles a number of masses each weekend. I'm not sure of the organization who is "loaning" him to the parish.

they are in the process of changing mass schedules which is causing pain for some parishoners who have worshipped at the same church on Sunday morning for 50+ years. They are losing their Sunday AM mass and moving it to Sat evening. Parishoners of this church will have to go to another parish on Sunday AM which is bigger and has better seating, no obstructed pews.

They also are in the process of conducting a capital campaign to pay for upgrades to each church facility.

they have developed a number of commissions or committees which are in charge of various duties in the parish to assist the priest.
Building & Grounds
* Church Life
* Evangelization
* Faith Formation
* Family Life
* Finance
* Members
* Social Justice & Peace
* Worship & Spirituality
* Youth Ministry

I'm curious when the transition team will be meeting to prepare for the future meeting with the receiving parish, whenever one will be named? Do we know when they will name the parish?



PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2006 10:41 pm Reply with quote
If the plan was reasonable it could save them a lot of time.
"could" is exactly the answer!

scary <br> --- <br> class

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