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The following is a summary of the meeting we had with Fr. Quinn, pastor of St. Bridget in Maynard, Fr. Wood, pastor of St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Action, and Fr. Carreiro paster of St. Michael in Hudson.

Fr. Butler passed out a fact sheet to the 3 pastors before the meeting. Some of this is posted at ... Stats.html

PPC member Glenn Bunnell had this to say:

All of the parishes would obviously welcome any parishoners that would come their way, BUT

None of the parishes are equipped with either financial or personnel resources to take on wholesale responsibility for a separate religious ed programs.

St. Elizabeth's seemed to have potentially the best fit from a religious ed standpoint, given their adoption of Generations of Faith, but would be equally strained to accomodate the number of families that they would need to absorb. Fr. Woods also reiterated his willingness to work with us on integration.

Fr. Carreiro seemed to be the most welcoming of the three pastors especially given the already significant challenges that he's dealing with in Hudson. Fr. Carreiro seemed to feel that we would have to have a separate program at St. Isidore given the size of the participants.

Fr. Quinn was obviously the most vocal in his inability to take on additional responsibilities on the religious ed front, but also the responsibilities associated with the grounds and buildings and even the potential that Mass would not be said at St. Isidore on some weekends. His opinions were the hardest to take, but I think he was trying to be practical and honest with people and not set unrealistic expectations. As Charlie said at the meeting, there are alternative ways to have an active worshipping community.
As Fr. Woods said, "we have a real mess." But that's the situation that we're presented with. As Rose and Charlie said, I have faith in our community to come together and bring resources to the fore to keep our community of faith intact and as active as possible. I like the idea that Charlie suggested of having an annual pledge program as an alternative and more certain way of funding our programs.


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