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“The General Intercessions (aka Prayers of the Faithful)…….follow the homily and the Profession of Faith (Creed) when it is said..
Having heard the proclamation of God’s wonderful deeds and of His presence in our midst……we arrange our requests in an orderly fashion”. Offered by either the deacon, a cantor, a lector, or a member of the assembly, our requests generally follow this pattern: for the needs of the church; for public authorities and the salvation of the whole world; for those burdened by any kind of difficulty; for the local community; for other intentions. “The priest then concludes the General Intercessions with a prayer offering all of our prayers to God through Jesus. We are then seated, knowing that we have placed our lives in God’s hands; trusting in his mercy, care, and compassion; and preparing to enter into deeper communion with his son Jesus…..”

Taken from Living the Mass by Fr. Dominic Grassi

At St. Isidore we have a remembrance book at the entrance by the rectory. We invite all to include their intentions in that book and we include all of those intentions in the General Intercessions. If you have an intention that you wish to include explicitly in the General Intercessions, you can email it to or call it in to the Office. One caution, please don't ask us to mention anyone by name if they have not given you explicit permission. Some people are very private and do not wish to be included by name. If it is an intention that you just became aware of (e.g., you found out that someone just died) before Mass, you can ask the lector or deacon to include it.[/i]


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