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During Holy Week, the (arch)bishop of each (arch)diocese presides over the Chrism Mass. At this liturgy, three oils are blessed and are taken back to each parish by that parish’s priest or deacon. The oils for anointing catechumens and anointing the sick are simply blessed olive oil. Chrism, which is used for baptism, confirmation, and holy orders, is a mixture of blessed olive oil and balsam. Chrism is also used in the consecration of churches and altars. The ambry is where the containers of oil are stored at our church. At St. Isidore this is the lighted shelf with the oils behind where the music ministers stand. The oils are, from left to right: oil of the Sick (green handles), Sacred Chrism (golden handles), Oil of Cathechumens (rose handles). The oils are also referred to by their initials: OS (Oil of the Sick), SC (Sacred Chrism), and OC (Oil of Catechumens).

The Chrism in Boston is celebrated the Tuesday of Holy Week at 11 AM at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross (http:// All are invited to attend. The Chrism mass is also televised on Boston Catholic TV (BCTV) and can be viewed live on their website (


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