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A place for St. Isidore and St. Elizabeth of Hungary parishioners to ask questions or make comments on Pope Francs' Joy of the Gospel.

Pope Francis’s The Joy of the Gospel is a unique and remarkable document. Presented as an apostolic exhortation, it has been called a manifesto of his papacy. Its down-to-earth, colloquial style sets it apart from other papal documents. Pope Francis writes in a way that can leave readers feeling that he is speaking directly to them, much as any good pastor would speak to his people.

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About the exhortation
Here are a Vatican-prepared synthesis and Fr. Landry's detailed outline. ... ary-II.pdf
Also helpful are summaries by Austen Ivereigh ... ary-guide/,
Jimmy Akin ... and-share/,
Joe Paprocki ... procki.pdf,
and one (in English) in La Stampa. ... sco-30114/

Francis on the Joy of the Gospel in America Magazine-

About Evangelization
Bp. Doerfler's brief comments to his people are not to be missed.
Cardinal Maradiaga's address The Importance of the New Evagelization is essential reading. ... _Evang.pdf
Fr. Robert Barron speaks about the urgency and spirit behind evangelization.
His follow-up talk is also helpful.

Pastoral and Spiritual Aspects
An Australian diocese offers 7 challenges as well as an intro. ... 286%29.pdf


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