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The fence is back up, the irrigation system re-installed, the ground roto-tilled. Now all we need is to plant, weed and water, and then harvest. Many different people have expressed some level of interest in helping out with the garden, and some have already put that interest into action as evidenced by the current state of the garden.
I have set up this forum so that anyone who is interested can see what is needed and/or can post additional information.
From a distinctly outsider's perspective, here are the things that need to get done to have a successful garden:
  • Plan what will be planted
    Get the plants/seeds
    Plant the garden - this would include things like putting down weed block paper
    Create a schedule of weeding/watering and harvesting
I have sent out an email notifying people of this forum to anyone that has expressed any kind of interest to me in the past year. I would hope that at least one person will be willing to act as the garden coordinator, and all the rest of the activities would be coordinated through that person. Any one who has any interest can start by posting a reply here, indicating what you would be willing to contribute.

Charlie Cornell


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