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Session 1 – The Lord’s Prayer in the Bible
Students will begin by writing down the Lords Prayer, as they know it. They will compare their versions to the actual prayer.
The Lords’ prayer can be found in both Matthew 6: 5-15 and Luke 11: 1-13.Have students find these passages in the bible and read them out loud. After each passage have the students discuss what they learned from if. After completing both passages Summarize by saying something like “Matthew focus’ more on the gift of the prayer and how not to flaunt that gift while Luke stresses that we should pray often with confidence, not just recite the words in a hastily manner”

Session 2 – Breaking the prayer apart
Hang the poster (will be provided) that highlights the address and the seven Petitions found in the prayer.
Take each part and discuss what it means. (See Catechism for guidance)
Finally have kids rewrite the pray using their own words, which show a similar meaning.

Service Project
As groups finish, they will sign and address cards to parishioners for the month of October and beginning of November.


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