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As Fr. Butler discussed last week, he convened a meeting of the 3 potential welcoming pastors and the St. Isidore staff and council representatives on 6/12/2004. Here is a summary of the letter he sent to Bishop Lennon as a result of that meeting:

After the June 12th meeting with neighboring pastors, I wrote to the
archdiocese noting some of the more promising and the more challenging
aspects of reconfiguration from the perspective of each of the parishes
becoming the “receiving parish”, taking pastoral care of all.
St. Bridget’s has the smallest church and has only the one assigned
priest. St. Elizabeth’s has a larger church, will soon have only one
assigned priest and covers the largest territory. St. Michael’s has two
assigned priests.
The Catholic population of St. Isidore’s is divided as follows:
17% Center of Stow
12% East (St. Bridget)
26% North (St. Elizabeth)
17% West (Bolton/ Worcester Diocese)
32% South (St. Michael’s)
On the topic of religious education, St. Elizabeth’s has embraced the
Generations of Faith model. St. Bridget’s has not and does not plan to.
St. Michael’s has not but is interested in moving in that direction.

In the light of the above I would not recommend St. Bridget, I would
hesitate to recommend St. Elizabeth unless there were clear indications
that the level of staffing increased, I would recommend St. Michael.

Meanwhile we await word from the archdiocese.

On the question of a time-line: June 18 I received a letter dated June
11th asking our consideration of a target date in November or December.

Let us all keep the parish and the archdiocese in our prayers.

Richard J. Butler

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When can we expect an answer from the archdiocese to all of our questions? I know the end of June was the target. Is that still the case, or will we be on edge for a bit longer? :?


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The only hard date we have had is that Fr. Butler was requested to send in his thoughts after meeting with the surrounding pastors by July 1. We are hoping to hear in the next week or so but we have no firm date.


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Thanks for the information, Charlie!

I don't know about the rest of you, but this wait is very difficult for me. People keep asking me, "What's up with St. Isidore's?" and I can't give them any kind of answer other than the same mantra we've all been chanting since May 25th...

I feel like I'm at a standstill until I know what's going to happen with our parish. Having just come from a very energetic VBS at a very vibrant and enthusiastic parish, I'm depressed to face who knows how many more weeks of waiting until we know exactly what our status will be. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. I sympathize with all of us, parishioners and staff, whose futures are still so uncertain and who worry about what this all is going to mean.



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