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Reluctant to make this the first topic of discussion, but it is timely. I write for the local newspaper and cover the Board of Selectmen. Was surprised to see a letter the Selectmen had from the Archdiocese advising there may be property available and for interested officials to attend a meeting at St John's _________. (The Selectmen did think they wanted to send someone).

Is this something new? Or is this in error. It will be covered by the paper and I preferred parish members to not hear things first outside of our own communications. (Another benefit of having a 'live' forum on the website).


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Fr. Butler spoke to Bishop Lennon on Wednesday 6/9/2004 about the letter received by the Board of Selectmen. It was a form letter that was sent to each locality in which a parish was closed. While the general statement for the 5 situations where the parish is to be closed but the church remain open was that other buildings might be sold, the configuration of the rectory makes it unlikely to be sold. Bishop Lennon indicated that the use of the rectory would be determined by the pastor of the receiving parish.


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